Construction Project Management Services

DeHart Construction offers its clients a wide range of construction project management services to ensure that all your construction projects are smooth and hassle-free from beginning to end. While we specialize in cold storage construction management services, we can and have provided construction management services on a wide variety of projects.

We work very closely with our clients throughout all the phases of each project we manage, from the initial planning and design phases all the way to the final details of the post-construction phase. Because we manage and execute our own construction projects on a regular basis, you can be sure that we will use our advanced construction services to manage your project using our own first-hand experience with every phase of the construction process.

Our construction project management services begin long before ground is broken on your project, as careful planning, coordination, and cost management are essential to the success of any construction project. Poor planning in the early phases of a project can lead to needless delays and ballooning costs that can quickly spin out of control. Before a project can even be given a concrete plan, the first step is to decide the criteria that the project must fulfill; project the project’s budget; and confirm the project’s cash flow. Once we have assessed the needs of the project, we can give an estimate of the project’s cost and suggest specific ways that you can save money without sacrificing quality. In addition, we can help you find reliable funding sources for the project using our industry contacts.

After the initial phase is over, the focus of our construction project management services shifts over to the design phase. We work closely with the project’s architects and engineers to ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness of the design, and to make sure that it will be possible for contractors to turn their blueprints into reality. In addition, our project managers will work to get you the necessary permits, verify that the project will meet all local codes and ordinances, and work with utility companies to make sure that the needed infrastructure is in place to meet your project’s needs.

Once the project design is completed, our attention shifts over to scheduling the project’s construction phase and managing the bidding process to make sure that your project is completed by reputable but cost-efficient contractors with outstanding track records. Once again, we use our industry contacts to your advantage as we are familiar with many contractors in all areas of the industry. We will take care of the entire bidding process, up to and including managing the actual contracts when the work is awarded.

Once the planning phases are completed, we offer our clients all the necessary construction project management services you will need to ensure the success of the project. You need not worry about anything, as we will schedule and coordinate the efforts of the various contractors assigned to the project. In addition, we will constantly monitor both the quality of the construction and its costs, reporting to you on both throughout the construction phase. Once construction is complete, we will conduct our final inspection of the project and arrange the occupancy permit for your company.

We will make all arrangements for moving your furnishings and staff into your new facility and will manage the final contract closeout. When you hire DeHart for your construction project management services, you will never have to worry about any of the details, as we will use all of our knowledge and experience to manage all aspects of the project for you and represent your interests from the initial design phases all the way to the occupation of the new building.

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