Freezer Storage: Things to Consider

DeHart Construction recognizes that proper freezer storage and refrigeration is vital to your business. We also understand that every business is different, and thus the needs may change from industry to industry. To meet the special needs of your organization, our experienced team of cold storage experts work together with you to custom design products and solutions that fit your company’s specifications. From refrigeration engineers to cold storage construction architects, our team is fully engaged in bringing every aspect of your project to fruition, from conception, to design, to the finished product. We ensure that your freezer storage solutions are done right, within your budget, and on time, without sacrificing rigorous safety requirements.

Our freezer construction services include commercial refrigeration building design to include feasibility analysis, project management of key components of you build, including floor fabrication, insulation, cold storage doors, and vapor barriers. We create solutions that work for fresh food as well as frozen foods including ammonia refrigeration, blast freezers and walk in freezers, Freon refrigeration and more. Knowing which technologies are available to best suit your needs is our specialty. From automated computer-based climate control, to installation and maintenance of insulated panels, we do it all.

A cold storage facility’s function is largely determined by the product that is ultimately going to be stored there. Even if the product is a ‘fresh’ product, considerations and solutions must be in place in the event that the product is to be further processed on site, such as ice production equipment, cutting and portioning equipment, or even equipment and appliances for cooking. An eye to details such as the quantities of food items to be prepared and stored, how the products are to be packaged, and specifics on the proper temperatures and conditions for storage all must be considered – all while also adhering to budgetary restrictions.

There are two types of freezing processes commonly used in freezer storage: blast freezing and contact freezing. Contact freezers cost less to operate. Contact freezers consist of flat hollow plates or slabs through which cooled refrigerants are circulated. Food is placed in direct contact with the plate surfaces, and cooled. Vertical plate freezers are commonly used with seafood products, while horizontal plate freezers are most commonly used with packaged food products.

Blast freezers, also known as flash freezers, are also commonly used in freezer storage facilities. Batch air blast freezers commonly consist of a closed off room through which air is constantly circulated. This is used mainly for package products on pallets, as well as loose products in barrels or bins. Blast freezers allow the product to cool more quickly, resulting in a product that is finer in texture, and which keeps longer and is more resistant to spoilage.

There are many considerations to freezer storage, and it is important that you seek the expertise of experienced professionals who only have your best interests at heart. At DeHart construction, we recognize that your time and money are valuable, and strive to partner with you during every aspect of your freezer construction project. Contact us today for a consultation, and discover the DeHart difference.

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