Commercial Construction Consulting

At DeHart Construction, we offer Commercial Construction Consulting above and beyond our specialty of cold storage construction. We have always pushed ourselves to offer our clients the very best industrial construction services on the market, and as part of that goal we offer a wide variety of commercial construction consulting services. Those consulting services can range from advising other commercial construction contractors on the best way to handle a specific problem all the way to comprehensive construction project management services and cold chain storage consulting.

One of our core values at DeHart Construction is that, because we are not alone in the construction industry, we should help other companies along the way rather than stifling them through cutthroat competition. Because of this, one of our construction consulting services involves working with other commercial construction contractors to help them improve their own services. We offer services ranging from helping them with a specific construction problem they are facing to assisting them with construction staffing and other aspects of the construction business. We believe that, by giving others in the industry a leg up, we improve our own position and reputation in the industry as well.

One of the most important of our commercial construction consulting services is construction project management. We offer a wide range of construction project management services, ranging from assistance with commercial construction loans and contracts all the way to comprehensive management of construction projects from beginning to end. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience with all phases of the construction process, and can manage all aspects of a construction project so that it is a smooth experience for you throughout all of its phases. We fully understand the many details that must be managed, from the creating the initial concept of a project all the way to working with architects on the design, contract bidding, coordinating with utilities, securing the correct permits, coordinating the construction efforts of different contractors, and making sure that the final inspection and move-in process are done correctly.

At DeHart Construction we are known for our attention to detail in all of our services, including our commercial construction consulting services. Nowhere is this attention to detail more important than in our cold chain storage consulting services. Cold chains are essential in many industries, including the frozen foods and dairy industries. Products must be both stored and transported in temperature-controlled environments that are carefully coordinated so that the products themselves remain at the same temperature throughout the production, transportation, and distribution phases. If there is any weak link at all in that cold chain, the shelf life of the product may be compromised, leading to spoilage and potential hazards to the consumer. Because of our experience in the cold storage industry, we can do everything from inspect a cold storage warehouse that is part of the chain all the way to advising you on the best contractors to use for temperature-controlled transportation.

We take pride in the high quality of all of our commercial construction consulting services and can guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We hold ourselves and all of our workers to the highest possible standards, and we offer only the highest-quality consulting services to our customers. No matter what type of construction consulting service you need, look no further than DeHart Construction for outstanding service and the highest possible quality.

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