Commercial Construction Contractors

DeHart Construction is comprised of full service commercial construction contractors here in California. Our contractors pride themselves on using innovating, cutting edge technology, and state-of-the-art project management and building systems to design and build all kinds of cold storage solutions. Our lengthy experience, coupled with our ability to consistently provide top quality solutions, make us the industry leading cold contractor. Storage needs for your business have never been easier – just call on us.

At DeHart Construction, we believe that all projects are important – no matter how big or small. Every client gets our undivided attention. As top construction contractors, we make a point of ensuring that we learn and master every aspect of your business before beginning a project. We make you mission and vision our own. We analyze your business’ current needs, as well as help make projections about your future needs. We aren’t just commercial construction contractors – we are your partners, and we aim to cultivate a long-term storage contractor partnership with you.

As our client, you will benefit from the many perks of our commercial construction package. DeHart Construction maintains the utmost respect for all of our clients, a respect that is resounded throughout every level of our company. Among our many services, we provide the best in information technology, construction expertise, and project administration and management. Your company’s needs are our top priority. We remain dedicated to seeing to it that your needs are met. Our consultation team will make recommendations regarding the engineering of your build, as well as other design aspects. We run value analysis, and provide regular meetings to provide updates on every step of your build. We aim to make your cold storage construction experience a positive, stress-free one. That’s our guarantee.

We are commercial construction contractors with an eye to quality, and professionalism, and a dedication to you. Our whole purpose is to make sure your commercial construction needs are met without any snags. We promise you a project that is cost effective and on time, without cutting corners or sacrificing project safety. We partner with you for the long haul, for all of your cold storage warehouse privileges. Call us today to learn more about how our commercial construction company can help you make your company vision a reality.

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