Warehouse Construction

Here at DeHart Construction, warehouse construction is our main area of expertise. We build cold storage warehouses, food service warehouses and many other types of cold storage solutions for commercial use. From processing plants to specialize storage facilities with custom refrigeration units, we build it all.

Warehouse construction is a more specialized practice than typical construction endeavors. Special factors such as location of the warehouse and the types of products to be stored must be considered as well other aspects and applications. Because of this, each project we design and build is unique. We pride ourselves in treating our clients as individuals, customizing each project according to the needs and desires of the client, in order to provide the highest quality and efficiency leave customers as happy and satisfied as possible with their construction project.

Each one of our clients is as unique as the projects they commission us to build. One client may only require cold storage warehouses to use as part of a cold chain. Another may require a food service warehouse for use in a restaurant or other commercial food facility. By the same token, a client in one part of the country may require a warehouse with different cooling and storage features that one located in another. A seafood processing plant may not require the same equipment as a food service warehouse which houses beef products. At DeHart construction, we recognize these differences, and celebrate them. Our storage construction services are offered with you, the valued customer, in mind. We design and build cold storage warehouses with thought to your current and future needs.

Your cold storage construction project is in excellent hands at DeHart Construction. We are experts when it comes to understanding all of the nuances of cold construction, and are highly trained in the many details that one must plan and engineer throughout all of the phases of your construction project. Of course the type of food products to be stored on the cold warehouse is a chief factor in determining the type of service to build. However the fact is that far too many construction companies simply build the same generic type of food storage over and over again. Those storage facilities do not last as long as they should, and are not as cost-efficient as their well crafted counterparts.

Building a warehouse for storage requires precision, commitment to task, and attention to detail. Our warehouse construction team is comprised of engineers, accountants, project managers, and other key principals to advise you through every step of your project. Our first step is to get to know every aspect of your business so that we can determine your true areas of need before recommending a warehouse storage solution. We maintain open lines of communication with you throughout the building of the project and beyond. We offer a truly unique experience. If you are in need of premium construction, without sacrificing quality or budget, contact us today at (909) 335-0148.

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