Food Service Warehouse

At DeHart Construction, we have worked with many different companies in the food services industry, constructing a superior food service warehouse tailored to meet the needs of each individual company. Food services need a variety of warehouses and other facilities to meet their production, storage, and distribution needs.

We have built everything from food processing plants to cold storage warehouses, but no matter what we build we always have the same commitment to the high-quality construction and the complete satisfaction of all our clients. Because we specialize in cold construction jobs such as frozen food storage facilities and refrigerated warehouses, all of our work has become characterized by an unparalleled attention to detail and a deep interest in meeting the exact needs of our clients. We have an outstanding record of first-rate quality and on-time completion of our construction projects.

Every food service unit that we build is a unique creation designed to meet our clients’ needs and specific requirements. When drawing up plans for a food service warehouse, we work closely with our clients to consider all of the many options available to them. We must give due consideration to everything from the suitability of the site to what refrigeration or freezer systems need to be put in place. The amount of space needed must be considered, as must the type of storage rack system needed for the particular goods you will be storing in your warehouse. No matter what your needs are, our team of warehouse construction experts can walk you through every phase of the process, never overlooking even the smallest detail.

Once we have a good idea of your needs, we then proceed to iron out the finer details of which construction materials and installation techniques to use for your food service warehouse. Something as simple as choosing the wrong concrete floor can greatly shorten the useful life of your new warehouse, as there are many different types of concrete floors and sealing systems to choose from. Because we have extensive experience with all types of cold storage facilities, we can ensure that you get the floor that will work best with the type of warehouse you need.

Different materials react differently to different temperatures, so we make sure that all the materials and construction techniques we use are best-suited to the temperature range of your facility. Beyond this, we must also give due consideration to the geographical location of your food service building, as different techniques are needed to keep a building cold in Dallas versus a building in Anchorage.

Any time that we build a food service warehouse with refrigeration or freezer systems in place, we must work with even more care and precision than when we undertake almost anything else. The details are everything in cold storage facility construction, whether we are building cold rooms or frozen food storage facilities.

Because we spend more of our time constructing these types of facilities than any other, we can guarantee that DeHart Construction is your best choice when you need any type of cold storage facility or plant constructed. When you are ready to begin, contact us and we will begin the process of reviewing your plans in detail, after which we will propose the very best food service warehouse to meet the needs of your company both now and far into the future.

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